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Why Llama?

Isn’t it funny how we get used to technology in our lives? The current generation has grown up with the internet always on and struggles to imagine a world where the answers weren’t at our fingertips. And here in Australia, we are one of the global leaders in this change. Our adoption rate of new technology shows that we have a voracious appetite for connected gadgets and devices that can make our lives better.

But all of this technology doesn’t come without growing pains. With the increase in our video consumption and music streaming, the amount of data used by Australians jumps on average 45% per year. This strain hits the internet service providers (ISP) hard and they are constantly looking to save money with many of them ‘optimising’ their workforce and shifting a lot of jobs overseas. It’s a ‘perfect storm’ for consumers that has people expecting more but given less.

This is the place for Llama - we supply internet without the drama. We are an ISP that at it’s core has a robust platform supplied by the biggest telco in the country. But we are more than just technology. We have a product and service base that’s built around the consumer, we are built around avoiding and solving problems. Because of this, our product should always be simple and easy to understand, from our buying process through to implementation. And when you are a customer of Llama and you need to speak to someone, we will be here - because we believe it’s much easier to understand you if we live in your world.

Why Llama? Well, obviously it rhymes with our service ethos of ‘no drama’ but it’s more than that. The Llama is our spirit animal. It’s an animal that is made famous through the internet and it’s known for its fun, easy going nature. The llama is comfortable in who it is and what it does, We think it’s the most Australian animal that’s not Australian. And for us, there is no better creature to represent our brand.